Wednesday, April 12, 2006

About the Episode 16 and my guest!

In this episode, my friend Patrick Puydebat accepted to be my guest. He's very famous for his main character in the sitcom "Hélène et les garçons" (Helen & her friends), which has been broadcasted during 13 years (1990-2003) on the first national channel. He is like a French Jason Priestley (Beverly 90210) and I like him a lot. Wa had a lot of fun shooting this episode: it's courageaous to play with his image on the net, and i thank him very much for his sense of humor.

At the end of the episode, I take his wig off saying "Nicolas, nicolas!", which was his name in the sitcom. That's why he shouts so stongly...

You can watch the "Making of" of this episode on my french Blog (it's in french but you can feel the mood...). Online on Wednesday 12th at 11 am, American time (6pm in France).

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

About "Bonjour America"

Hello everybody!

If you are on this blog at this time, it's because you want to know more about this show: "Bonjour America".

I'm Cyrille de Lasteyrie, alias "Vinvin" (my french blog pseudo), I live in Paris, France. I'm 36 years old, I'm married and I have 2 young kids. I worked during 10 years in the Advertising sphere, as a copy-writer. First in a big agency, Publicis, and then in my own company, Sidièse. In 2005, I decided to change a few things in my life and to focus on my writing in the Entertainment area. I write stories for TV series and concepts that I sell to french TV channels.
At the same time, I develop my personal show, writing and acting in short sketchs. What are my goals? To have fun. To make people laugh. To test my stories with a real audience. And above all, to meet Clint Eastwood, the best of the best! Is it a joke? May be. May be not.

May be it is an american dream?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

About the credits

The logo has been made by my friend Laurent Garcette, Creative Director of Sidièse agency.
The web site and the administration platform has been made by my other friend Damien Guinet. Thank you very much my friends!

How do I make this show?

Well. I do it ALONE. I am at my office in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris (may be you know the "Bois de Boulogne", very famous for his bresilian, and now russian prostitutes). So, I have a small SONY camera HD, that I put in front of me. Behind me, a flag that I bought in a fantastic shop near the Montparnasse Tower. I do not WRITE my sketchs, I just decide to talk about one subject or two, and then I let my mind work... I keep the best scenes that I edit with Final Cut. After that I convert the movie with Quicktime, and then encode with Sorenson Squeeze. To finish, I send Flash and Mp4 files to my administration platform (personal) and hop!, that's it. One movie needs a three months work! (small joke)